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Once Mold is confirmed through an Inspection and Lab Test Report, our licensed and certified team will perform the remediation process according to the industry standards established by NORMI – National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors.

The remediation process includes the following:

  • Visual inspection of the property
  • Cutting edge technology: Infrared Camera, Borescope and Moisture Readers
  • Lab Test to confirm the presence, type, and levels of mold
  • The actual removal process begins with the evaluation and application of safety measures for a safe work environment for property occupants and the remediator team
  • Isolation of the compromised area to prevent mold dissemination
  • Evaluation of the electrical supply and demand
  • Careful removal and disposal of the compromised or damaged material
  • Elimination of mold with the application of EPA approved mold killer and prevention products
  • Proper cleaning and vacuum of remediated areas with HEPA vacuum
  • Air clean and purification using the most advanced Air Purifier Systems
  • Final visual and Lab Test to verify that mold has been completely removed
  • Issuance of the 5 Year Warranty Certificate - Transferrable

Time frame

We understand that time is of the essence, that is why we pledge to start and finish your remediation in the projected time.

Mold Remediation Cost

We will work closely with your Insurance Adjuster or Public Insurance Adjuster to get the work approved by your insurance company. Our goal is for costs to be covered by your insurance company, minimizing your out of pocket expenses.

5 Year Transferrable Warranty!

We are so confident in the quality of our work that it is guaranteed for 5 years. If mold returns within 5 years we will remediate it at zero cost to you or your insurance carrier. This applies if no new adverse condition has affected the remediated area. The warranty is transferrable to new owners.

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